Journaling Winter — Free in January!

I am so excited to make this online nature journaling course free to newsletter subscribers during the month of January! This course provides you with four weeks of nature exploration guidance for winter. You will receive nature walk prompts to guide your nature observation, be able to watch a video each week of a sample […]


“The goal of nature journaling is not to create a portfolio of pretty pictures but to develop a tool to help you see, wonder, and remember your experiences. You can learn to do this. You do not need to be an artist or a naturalist. These are skills you will develop as you go. The […]

Nature Exploration: Kayaking at Eagle Creek

I set off on a solo kayak adventure yesterday to spend a few hours at my favorite paddling destination: a little point on Eagle Creek where I can sit immersed in nature undisturbed for hours on end. The amount of stress this kind of outing relieves is worth all the difficulty of finding space in […]