September Nature Journal

September in the Woods

September in the woods ushered in hints of fall with the first fallen leaves and the subtle yellowing of the green trees. Yellow and purple dominated on my woods walk with Golden Rod in bloom and Great Lobelia. We used to have the most beautiful Purple Asters blooming next to the Golden Rod but each year there are fewer asters.

The amount and variety of berries surprised and delighted me. I saw at least three varieties of Honeysuckle berries on my neighborhood trail: a bright, light red, deep red, and a deep purple red. The white Dogwood berries are so beautiful with dark green leaves behind them. I've never noticed the Greenbrier berries before but owing to the quantity of them they have been in my woods for a long time.

Giant Puffball Mushrooms

It was such a fun surprise to run into these Giant Puffball mushrooms at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. the largest I saw was about the size of a soccer ball. One of these years I need to cook them as they are edible when fresh (before they turn yellow). Of course I couldn't take the mushrooms at the Art Museum so I'll need to find another source.

Rose Hips at Eagle Creek

I also noticed the ripening of the Rose Hips along the edges of Eagle Creek. I love their bright red color against the deep blue of the water.

And now we head into October where the changes will be so great and so expansive it will be hard to keep track of them all! Beauty will be everywhere! Have a wonderful month exploring your nearby nature!


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