Living on a Maine Lighthouse

Browsing the shelves at my local library this summer I happened upon the spine of a book that said, "Our Island Lighthouse." I picked it up, flipped through, caught the word "Maine," and quickly put the book into my library bag. If I couldn't travel to Maine this summer perhaps I could read about it.

The book turned out to be a gem, one that led to the discovery of two other books and a summer full of escaping each night to a lighthouse off the coast of Maine during the 1940's.

Bernice Richmond writes in such a lovely, down-to-earth way of the lighthouse she and her husband spent their summers in. Imagine rowing out to an electricity-free island, bringing all your food with you, trying to survive during hurricane conditions, and falling in love with the locals living in the nearby town of Winter Harbor.

"Winter Harbor" comes before "Our Island Lighthouse" and tells of how Bernice and her husband acquired Marc Island and its Light. These books are so rare now that I had to request an inter-library loan in order to read this. Meanwhile I got my mom and sister to join in the Island Lighthouse adventure and one day my mom sent me a link -- Marc Island and the Lighthouse are currently for sale! The adventure of island living is just waiting for the right person to show up once again!

Richmond only wrote two books about her island life but she wrote a third book about her Maine grandmother. "Right as Rain" is a glimpse into life in Maine around the turn of the 19th century. I loved the descriptions of her grandmother's house, her kitchen and cooking, the people she loved and cared for, and the town she lived in.

If you are longing to visit Maine, and can't right now, you just might try hopping into one of these books.

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