New Classes Available

I am excited to announce the availability of two new online nature journaling classes: Christmas Botanicals and Nature & Nurture. All the details can be found on the Education Page. The Christmas Botanicals class is all about connecting with nature through the month of December. With videos you can watch whenever you want, we will dive into nature walks, learning all about conifers, berries, and pine cones, discuss the historic use of greens for decorating at this time of year, and of course spend time painting all these lovely things! The class is even arranged so you can use it as a sort of advent calendar with something nature-focused each day leading up to Christmas!

You’ll also see this class advertised: it’s part one of my signature class on famous artists and authors and the nature that they loved. I can’t wait to explore with students the nature that captured the imaginations of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Beatrix Potter and paint it all into our journals. This would make a great Christmas present for someone! Find the details here!

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